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Flawed Recruitment Policy for Teaching Jobs



Teachers play a vital role in nation-building since they are called the architects of nations. Best teachers always build the foundation of nations on High Ideals and great ambitions by giving the clear roadmap to the students to pursue destination. According to saying of Holy Prophet  ( Peace be Upon him) ” I am sent as a teacher  in this world” 

Teachers can never be bad but the Skilled and efficient teachers always carve and shape the future of Students. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the teaching is not regarded as a respectable profession since we see that in the western world, the teachers are regarded in high esteem and enjoy the perks and privileges like the legislators and elite civil servants.

The massive politicization, victimization, flawed recruitments, referral systems, corruption and the mass negligence has wreaked havoc with this Noble Profession. The malicious terms are also used for teachers which are beyond the boundaries of respect and Honour.

The quota-based recruitment of   Teachers has already invited widespread criticism and wrath of the candidates who fail to obtain the desired level of percentage i.e 60%  in recruitment  Tests conducted by public and private Testing services such as NTS, PTS, OTS, BTS, Sindh University and  Sukkur –IBA  (STS).

Despite registering various complaints regarding the errors in the Answer keys, the candidates are not given the benefit of such errors, The Recent recruitment Test for JEST and ECE in Sindh conducted by SIBA has also become controversial Since Very Few candidates managed to obtain 60% Marks in the test whereas  95% of the candidates Failed in the test terming it very difficult or of high standards above their IQ and Knowledge Level.

The massive politicization, victimization, flawed recruitments, referral systems, corruption and the mass negligence has wreaked havoc with this Noble Profession. The malicious terms are also used for teachers which are beyond the boundaries of respect and Honour.

The Teachers  Recruitment Policy has always remained flawed and influenced by the Feudal Lords and the Legislators who always try their best to get their blue-eyed people appointed and these political appointees never attend their duties and have never been found doing their jobs.

This heinous violation of merit at massive scale has significantly led to the destruction of the very fabric of education and the profession has been under fire due to such unscrupulous people who just get the jobs for money and enjoyment not a service to the nation.  

The Flawed Recruitment policy to appoint teachers through various testing services is also based on fault lines since these testing services conduct MCQs based tests containing  Questions from English, Science, math, GK, Computer and Pedagogy.

The supervisory staff is mostly inefficient and non-vigilant. As result, several ineligible candidates clear the Test by impersonating and using unfair means and become teachers by securing 60% plus Marks in test and given offers letters without conducting an interview and demonstration.

Then, how to make sure that though they have passed the Test and secured the requisite percentage, yet will they be able to teach students in a professional manner?  Do they have the proper teaching skills or what teaching methods will they use for imparting education to thoughts?

The Flawed Recruitment policy to appoint teachers through various testing services is also based on fault lines since these testing services conduct MCQs based tests containing  Questions from English, Science, math, GK, Computer and Pedagogy.

These are  the biggest questions  that need to  be answered  but It is ironic that the teachers who are recruited  through testing services are not interviewed thus children are deliberately handed over to these  amateurs in education who are mostly unaware how to teach as  these are the beneficiaries of this faulty recruitment system  that has awarded the safe passage to these ineligible candidates who passed the Test  by means of impersonation, unfair means and bribery  and in sheer violation of the merit.  

The meritorious candidates whose loftiest dream was just teaching are mostly deprived of teaching jobs and become the victims of this faulty recruitment system that is heavily politicized.

The Heavily politicized Education department has already given birth to various problems such as substandard Education, lack of Teaching, Training and Motivation skills, lack of reading and writing Skills. The Faultlines have plagued the whole education system has caused  rising copy culture and inefficiency that has eaten Education system like a termite.    

If we peep in the past, we will have the precedence of impersonation, unfair means and bribery in various recruitment tests conducted by these traditional Testing services with mushrooming growth and have been squeezing the poor candidates in the guise of  Testing fee and conducting the professional testing without following the International quality standard operating procedures. These so-called testing services have gobbled millions of rupees on the pretext of testing fee and giving nothing in return only OMR sheet and the question Paper to candidates during the test.

There are some reports that the contracts of conducting various recruitments tests are awarded on nepotism and favouritism since It was evident HEC had announced to conduct Test itself and even established its own Testing service but afterwards succumbed to exerted pressure from the supporters of These traditional testing services and shut up its own testing service namely Education testing Council leaving the candidates at the mercy of these money grabbing Testing services.

The corruption, mismanagement, lack of proper scrutiny, rampant impersonation in the recruitment tests, have raised various question marks over the authenticity and credibility of these Testing services calling for the government to mull over this issue.

The corruption, mismanagement, lack of proper scrutiny, rampant impersonation in the recruitment tests, have raised various question marks over the authenticity and credibility of these Testing services calling for the government to mull over this issue.

Either the government should give requisition to Public Service Commission’s (Federal and Provincial) to conduct these recruitment Tests specially the recruitment tests of Teachers or should toughen the conditions for carrying out recruitment tests by following due procedure of Scrutiny, identification, biometric verification and ensuring that  no impersonating person appears on behalf of original candidates to get him passed or qualified for the appointment depriving the deserving candidates of their right.

It is pertinent to say that Government should review the Recruitment policy and bring changes in the recruitment process through the introduction of  Descriptive Tests, Interviews and Demonstration wherever Applicable so that deserving meritorious candidates should find the way to this elevated position and noble profession.

Furthermore , the passing ratio of recently conducted recruitment test by Sukkur IBA may be lowered  to 40% to 45 % as was done in the recruitment phase of school Head Masters so that maximum candidates may be declared as Qualified  followed by conducting Interviews to be conducted by the committee comprising the  members from  the District Education Department, Public Service Commission and from the Secretariat of  Education department i.e Section Officer ,Deputy secretary etc , so that meritocracy may prevail and the standard of education may be improved with induction of  best teachers  who may boost the stagnant literacy rate .

There should be national Teacher Recruitment council just like PMDC and PEC so that all the aspiring teachers must be registered with the National and Provincial Teacher recruitment councils and the council should play the role of managing the various level of teachers starting from Primary, Elementary, Secondary, Higher Secondary Level.

The National Teachers Recruitment Council may maintain the database of teachers and even place them on outsourcing to help a qualified teacher get jobs in the Public and Private sector.

The new recruitment policy for the teachers may be envisaged so that qualified teachers may get the chance to be the part of Public sector institutes and raise the standard of Education by bringing it at par with International Standards.

The Government of  Pakistan especially the Government of Sindh  must take notice of irregularities and mismanagement in the recruitment process  of  Teachers as well as other recruitment tests conducted by mainstream  Testing services Companies i.e NTS , PTS ,ITS ,BTS ,UTS ,GTS  and Sukkur IBA (STS) and bring some policy changes  so that the recruitment  tests may be made transparent and  free  from internal and External involvement which will ultimately contribute to the  prevalence of meritocracy and the  stoppage of  the illegal entry into Government services on the basic of Bribery, impersonation, unfair means  or mismanagement and incompetence of  the Testing Company.  





Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication Syed Amin Ul Haque has said that equipping the youth with digital skills is the need of hour.Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication Syed Amin Ul Haque was addressing Agreement Signing Ceremony between Ignite and Virtual University of Pakistan for Launch of DigiSkills 2.0 Program here on Monday. The agreement was signed by CEO Ignite Asim Shahryar Husain and Rector Virtual University of Pakistan Arshad Saleem Bhatti.  He said Pakistan is the 4th fastest growing country in terms of freelancers and their earnings in the world. 

He said youth are our assets and Ministry of IT & Telecom is taking steps for the development of youth.Government is striving hard to extend full support to the freelancers in ease of doing business, bank account opening, bringing foreign remittances to Pakistan and availability of seamless internet connectivity across the country, he added.

Federal Minister appreciated the DigiSkills results, saying that DigiSkills has played a commendable role in equipping emerging and existing freelancers with knowledge, skills, tools and techniques necessary to seize the opportunities available internationally in online freelancing market places. About IT exports, Federal Minister Syed Amin Ul Haque said that strong measures are being taken to increase IT exports.He said that empowerment of women is important motto of Ministry of IT.IT Minister also gave directions for the completion of all projects in transparent manner and on time.

Speaking on the occasion, Secretary IT Dr. Sohail Rajput said that after the success of the first phase of DigiSkills, the second phase will prove an important milestone.Earlier,  Rector Virtual University Dr. Arshad Saleem Bhatti said that in the second phase, DigiSkills is targeting to impart 1,500,000 trainings over the period of two years. 

 Speaking on the occasion, CEO Ignite stated that inclusion of 5 new courses and upgradation/renewal of existing 10 courses will equip the freelancers with knowledge necessary to seize the opportunities available on global freelancing marketplaces and with the direct clients as well. 

It is worth mentioning here that, Digiskills is Pakistan’s premiere online training program that has already imparted 2.2 million free of cost trainings in freelancing skills. 
Officers of Ministry of IT, Ignite and Virtual University were present on the occasion./ Ends

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What is the future of education?



               “Education is the question of Life and Death for us: –Quaid-e-Azam

Education is the backbone of any country and plays a pivotal role in shaping the future course of the nations in the world. Education builds the nation’s roots deeper and stronger and prepares them for the competitive and contemporary world. It is because of Education.

There is the debate that is the traditional approach to education still relevant in the age of Are traditional approaches to education still relevant in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Fred Swaniker. He negates the idea by saying don’t think so.

Fred Swankier: “It starts with recognition amongst all educators that the world is changing. To prepare people for the future, you need to design an education system that is forward-looking and not backwards-looking.”

According to educational experts that in today’s world, artificial intelligence, robotics and industrial revolution has bestowed the nations with tremendous growth and innovation in education and teaching methodologies. The rapid development is also caused by the advancement in science and technology and space engineering. Scientists have done a marvellous job in changing the landscape of the world with innovative inventions all because of imparting quality education especially the higher education in the universities. This requires a reorientation all the way from early childhood education to primary school to university education. It means encouraging flexibility rather than specialization. It requires training and retraining teachers, as well as redesigning education systems and curricula.

In order to have a futuristic outlook, we need to reimagine and innovate education with the support of ICT (Information Communication Technology that may reshape the future world of Education and make it paper free for the students by providing Digital Education that knows no boundaries at all.  We need to make the learning fun, excitement and interesting so that our parents may not force their children to seek education. Instead, the students go on their own and learn through gadgets.

In this connection, there need to be overhauling at every level of education from primary to Secondary, College and University level buy designing futuristic course materials with help of experts and training the teachers in the lines of the future generation. Since the communication gateways are flowing like rivers and every person wants to quench his thirst for education with the standard dose of materials developed by the experts. The Startups and Business innovation Ideas should be promoted so that we can produce entrepreneurs for running businesses like Yahoo, Google, Apple, PayPal and Microsoft. We need more standard companies like these by young entrepreneurs so that they may create jobs and do not seek jobs. This approach will change the real face of the countries especially the developing countries.  

Education should be skillet based not just theoretical that destroys prime years of innovation. We need to bring the expert brains to the classroom that can teach the future generations the most latest and advanced Knowledge so that they may take the nation to heights of success.  The societal development should also be focused so that barriers to female education may clear and thus participatory development will boost the economy of the country. Education will help increase the knowledge economy and will definitely in taking informed forecasting and budgeting needs of the nations.

Finally, Education Never ends, it is a life long process. It helps you to focus on what is important for learning and what is not. Every Individual learns a lot from the experiences, schooling at classroom and projects they work on. So, it could be said that you learn a variety of things during learning. Even in a professional career, you attend training and workshop to boost your Knowledge and wisdom. So it is evident from the above discussion that Education is a lifelong process and the future of education bright and the world without education is like a room without light.

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Macro Economics and its application in Economic System




Macro Economics means a System may be looked at as whole or in terms of its innumerable decisions making units such as consuming units or individual Consumers and household producing Units, Firm, farms, business and mining Concerns. The macroeconomics is, on the whole, is a combination of all components of Economies in a wider sense. It covers all the needs of any country. If the macroeconomics indicator s are favourable to any country, it will become a donor to the developing Country. But the devaluation of the Currency may affect all the Countries who depend on its exchange rates.

Functions and objectives of the Macro Economics:

 The functions of the macroeconomicsinclude overall economic study and all the items which come under the domain of the Economy.Be it social, commercial economical segment or component of the economy. It is an integral part of the Economical Development of any country. The development is observed in terms of micro and Macro economical status of any country.

The main objectives of the macro Economics

Fiscal Policy

 it denotes the usesof taxes and Government Expenditure. The Government Expenditure come into tact in distinct forms. First the Government Purchases these comprise Goods and services. The other part is the taxation Policy affects

 Monetary Policy

The second major instrument of the macroeconomics is the monetary policy which the government conducts through managing national money.

Imports and Exports

The macroeconomics indicator depends a lot on imports and exports of the country. If the country like the US finding rich markets in any part of the World then it will access the buyers market and export its goods. The demand depends on the quality of the Product in the international markets. The More standard the product, the more buyers will be involved and similarly, it will increase the demand for the product in international markets. The country which needs the products will import the goods of its demand from then exporting Countries. Thus, these are also integral parts of the macroeconomics.

Foreign Exchange Rates

 The foreign exchange rates are determined through the Oil and goldreserves and based on the import of certain products. There are stocks exchanges Present in every country for Forex trading. Many people are benefiting from currency trading. Especially the DOLLAR. EURO and Pounds Sterling.

Devaluation of Dollar and Impact on other Countries

As it was already mentioned that most Countries depend on the Currency of Dollar for its Exchange policy. So if the government of the United States increases the value of Dollar so it will affect the countries dependent on Dollar and their debt will multiply. Whereas if the US Government lowers the Currency then it will affect all the Forex trading and currency-trading people besides the countries whose economy depends upon the Dollar s thus Us can influence the economies of the other country


In nutshell, it is clear that the macroeconomics is an integral part of the Economy of any country and helps them to sustain their economy and bring some economic reforms and make Fiscal and Monetary policy to escape deficit budgeting and other Components related with the Economy. It also helps the Country to draft policies of trade development and export promotion.

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